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Throne Accessories supplies toilet aids for the elderly and people who are permanently or temporarily incapacitated. Unfortunately for many, toileting is not well considered in performing needs assessments for people experiencing various conditions. At Throne, we try to simplify and improve your toileting experience by providing immediate aids (rails and raisers).

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Throne Toilet Rails have been designed specifically for the comfort and dignity of anyone requiring assistance with toileting, and for the Occupational Health and Safety needs of all carers; family, volunteers, nursing home staff, hospital and school staff.

Throne Toilet Support Rail Systems are designed to act as Toilet aids for people with disabilities or impairments, including, but not limited to:

Stroke | Multiple Sclerosis | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Cerebral Palsy |
Hip & Knee Replacement | Scoliosis | Sciatica | Sports Injuries |
Aged | Children | Post Surgery

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Having had multiple surgery to both hips I was left with very little upward movement. Toilet occasions became my great fear offering no stable support or help. 3 years ago I obtained the Throne accessory, since then I have lost my fear as it offers stability. The design enables me ‘[to] sit and rise without any difficulty. I also purchased one for my brother who had terminal cancer & had lost the use of one arm. He had experienced several falls from the aid he had as it was not stable. He found as I had with the Throne accessory he had no fear of falling as it is completely stable.


Just wanted to let you know that your product is great! My 5 year old daughter has C.P. and can now get on and off toilet all by herself! We had a bit of trouble finding a child size toilet seat insert to fit, but have finally found a solution to that problem.

Ms Lovelace - NSW

Just to let you know how much I appreciate the ‘spacer’ which DVA has supplied recently. This has meant that I now have a normal toilet seat to sit on and it is raised to the height I need. It also means that I can again use the rails which had been stored away because they didn’t fit the old system….. these are a great aid when getting off the toilet.
Well done, thanks again.


The parcel [ Spacer] came promptly and yesterday the maintenance man at this residential facility installed the spacer. So far it is living up to my expectations.
I think the spacer is an excellent product and I will make it known to the management here, to a surgical supply firm in Ballina I deal with – and to the POST-POLIO NETWORK (NSW) INC which disseminates this sort of information to its members.
I wish you much success with the equipment – the rails look great for those [who can push] themselves up . Such a relief to find an experienced OT coming to grips with designing appropriate aids!

Ian McKenzie - NSW

(On behalf of Deakin Medical Centre)
Based on the experience of my patient Mrs. ... with the “Throne Rail” I do recommend its’ use for people with hip, knee and low back problems and pain, to ease toileting problems many may experience with the normal toilet.

Dr Kwee Lian Lim - ACT

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