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Throne Toilet Railsare an established, Assistive Toileting Technology designed by an Occupational Therapist, Helen Kelleher, who worked extensively in the area of Home Modifications. The Throne Toilet Rails offer an alternative to most toilet aids available and have been in the market for over 20 years. They provide closer bi-lateral hand support to the user and have greatly improved access and safety in toileting. The concept consists of placing the rails closer to the user’s hand grip and not on the wall. This allows for easier access to lower onto the toilet and makes it easier to ‘push up’, rather than ‘pull up’.

Throne Rails are made of stainless steel and are easy to install. They are independent of floor and walls supports which can impede movement. There are four models of Throne Rails:

  1. The ‘3 in 1’ Rail incorporates the the previously built Standard, Splayed and Fold Down models. Weight load 130 kg.

  2. The Wraparound Rail answers the needs of many people requiring back and side support. Weight load 150 kg.

  3. Child Rail and Step. Comes in both Standard and Wraparound models. The Child Step fits all Throne toilet rails, Adult rails and Infant rails. Step Weight load 30kg.

  4. The Bariatric Rail is our most recent addition to the rail family. Reinforced support with side legs grounded to the floor, additional metal length and curvature on both arms providing extra support and rigidity. This is our most heavy duty rail and has a weight load of 180 kg.

The Spacer a toilet seat raiser, providing elevation ‘under’ the toilet seat. The Spacer is fitted to holes at the back of the toilet eliminating movement or separation and providing greater ease when lowering, sitting and raising from the seat. Coming in two heights, 50mm and 80mm, the Spacer can be fitted independently or in conjunction with the Throne Toilet Rails. The Spacer and Throne Rails succeed in providing safety and greater ease in Toileting for all.


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